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Girthing can have negative consequences on movement and on the breathing capacities of your horse. It can also have an impact on the stride length, rhythm, amplitude, respiratory frequency and volume, and energy expenditure. Eric Le Tixerant ergonomic girths (patented technology), have been designed to not only combat these problems but to allow your horse total freedom of movement and therefore improve his overall wellbeing and performance! This girthing system does this in two ways.1: Highly technical fabric - designed by the GIBAUD laboratory - which has a very high capacity for elongation and support. The fabric conforms naturally to the ventral anatomy of the horse. 2: Ergonomic pad made of natural non slip alveolar rubber, which comes in contact with the sternum. Thanks to its cross inner shape, this pad fits perfectly to horse’s thorax. The Le Tixerant Girth enables a much higher elasticity than other girths, without the problem of your saddle slipping. There are two major improvements seen with Le Tixerant girths. Respiratory capacity,thanks to an increased mobility of the rib cage and of its musculature. Locomotor function, due to greater amplitude of fore limb strides, improved transmission of the limb propulsion force and, as a consequence, a reduction of repeated locomotor problems. The Eric Le Tixerant girth has been adapted to meet all specific expectations of each sport : Jumping, Dressage, Racing, Carriage-driving, Western, Endurance … To each sport, its adapted girth !

Please contact us if you require any additional information regarding this product.Any duty incurred must be the purchaser.

Please note that we carry limited stock so in the event that we don’t have your size in there may be a 2 week delay whilst we order it in for you.

Le Tixerant Jumping Girth

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