Train With Confidence

Your horse will only do something wrong if you haven't given him the tools to do it right. Our aim is to give you those tools!


It doesn't have to be complicated!


We aim to educate both horse and rider in simple terms and by making each training session enjoyable and most of all fun.

Tension is the biggest cause of mistakes in each and every partnership.  If there is too much tension then the learning capacities of either or both parties will diminish and that lesson will also then have created a negative connotation.  We want to create confident horses and confident riders or handlers.  And most importantly we want it to be a fun learning experience. Learning without tension is a much more memorable experience!

We can offer a variety of training packages to suit you and your horses needs both online and in house training at our base in Co. Waterford.  

Why Train With Us

Suitable for Beginners








Professional Trainers



In House Training

Online Training


In-Hand Training

The basis and foundation of all of our training. Suitable for all ages and stages. We have 18year old horses who have just started their journey and are loving the new challenge!  Teach your horse shoulder-in, half pass, pirouettes, piaffe & passage!

Private Lesson

Enjoy a private ridden lesson via LIVE video link!  Discuss any topic you wish, work on the horses' way of going, test riding etc.

Training on Demand

Pick a topic and we will use one of our schoolmasters to demonstrate and then discuss via LIVE video link.  

Training Plan

We create a bespoke training plan to suite you and your horse via LIVE video link.

In House Training

What we can offer:

Private lessons


Weekend or Week Long training excursions



In-hand lessons with a schoolmaster


We host regular events throughout the year including:

Clinics with International Riders & Judges

Bespoke Training Day & Weekend Camps

Clinics & Workshops with William Hayes or Liz Frayling covering a variety of topics. Please contact us for more information.

"The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you will go." Dr. Seuss

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Address: Toorala, Ballymacarbry, Co. Waterford, Ireland


Phone: +353 (0)867827510

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