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Your horse will only do something wrong if you haven't given him the tools to do it right. Our aim is to give you those tools!


It doesn't have to be complicated!


We aim to educate both horse and rider in simple terms and by making each training session enjoyable and most of all fun.

Tension is the biggest cause of mistakes in each and every partnership.  If there is too much tension then the learning capacities of either or both parties will diminish and that lesson will also then have created a negative connotation.  We want to create confident horses and confident riders or handlers.  And most importantly we want it to be a fun learning experience. Learning without tension is a much more memorable experience!

We can offer a variety of training packages to suit you and your horses needs both ONLINE and IN-PERSON at your yard.

We Come To You

Why Train With Us

Suitable for Beginners





Train From Your Yard





Professional Trainers

Rider Biomechanics

Clinics & Workshops

We are happy to come to you for training.  Clinics or Workshops can follow a variety of different formats from 1-day affairs to 2 or 3 day Workshops.  They can also cover a variety of topics (see below).  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

In-Hand Training

The basis and foundation of all of our training. Suitable for all ages and stages. We strongly recommend that you undertake one of our Inhand Training Workshops to receive training with our Schoolmaster's before receiving training with your own horse. This is a fantastic skill to have in your toolbox but is A SKILL that requires practise.  The results at the end of the day are amazing and allow you to teach your horse shoulder-in, half pass, pirouettes, piaffe & passage all from the ground before tackling these movements under saddle, creating happy athletes that know what is expected of them.

Private Lesson

Enjoy a private ridden lesson in the form of dressage, pole work or inhand training.  Discuss any topic you wish, work on the horses' way of going, test riding etc.

Rider Biomechanics

Work with Neuromuscular Therapist and Certified Franklin Method Instructor, Liz Frayling. Each session includes assessment, plan and follow-up exercises, work on/off horse using Franklin Method Equestrian balls, bands and mobilisation techniques.  The initial session must be conducted in-person, however once this has been completed sessions can be undertaken ONLINE with in-person meet-ups as required.

2 or 3 Day Workshops


"Fantastic professional service! Liz and William are friendly and welcoming professionals in their fields.  From inhand training with their schoolmaster Monty, saddle fitting and schooling of my own horse, it's well worth the money plus the long travel.  I couldn't believe how much my horse Sam improved in only 4 weeks.  He is a lot more supple and his impulsion has come on miles.  The paddock with the shelters are a fabulous way to keep horses. I highly recommend the schooling service and the inhand classes."-Annina

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