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There have been people living and working the land with horses here at Toorala for hundreds of years.  Although horses are no longer used in that capacity horses are very much a part of Toorala, now more than ever.  We have tried to keep tradition alongside the modern throughout the farm by carefully restoring and continuing to restore all of the old buildings using local craftsmen and old techniques.  The new buildings are functional but were designed to be in keeping with the old.



 At Toorala we endeavour to provide both a holistic and elite service for all horse owners, to encourage best learning practices in a fun environment.  We train our horses in a sympathetic approach using a variety of techniques including in-hand training, lunging, long-reining, dressage training, jumping and hacking. Our ethos in both coaching and producing horses is based on years of experience, coupled with the most current sports research.


We have a purpose built equestrian facility here in the stunning Nire Valley in County Waterford.  The arena is 20mx60m with a post and rail surround and only the very best silica sand and fibre equestrian surface. 


We have only a small number of custom built, open-fronted stables that reflect our ideas for a more natural environment for our working horses.  They can all see each other and touch each other so that we are not inhibiting any of their natural senses.  The remainder of the yard is made up of wooden chalets with attached all-weather turnout pens. These are a design we envisaged ourselves having gained inspiration from our travels in Germany and Canada. These are used year round but are particularly good in the depths of winter when it is not possible to turnout in our fields.  All of our horses get year round turnout whether it is in our all-weather turnout areas or our fields.



Surrounded by hedging and beautiful flowering shrubs and roses, the landscape and ambience here is as important as our training methods.  It provides a tranquil place that enhances learning for both horse and rider/trainer and is a place where we like to welcome all of our clients as part of our extended family. 


Meet The Team

William Hayes

William Hayes

Liz Frayling

Liz Frayling