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Clinic + Seminar= Stress

Well, the past few weeks has been a real rollercoaster of emotions! As we gear up for the two day Clinic and the Evening Seminar with Christoph Hess next week I have come to appreciate the work and time that goes into running an event like this, let alone the financial outlay. It's been a combination of great stress, anxiety and excitement! I have learnt more about organisation, online marketing and my website than ever before! Oh, and not to mention PA's. No, that isn't, most unfortunately a personal is in fact a very cool portable speaker system required for, in this instance, Christoph's lovely German linguistics to be heard around Brooke Lodge's indoor arena. I hadn't realised the extent of all round knowledge required, so it's been a wee bit of a learning curve!

I suppose it just shows, yet again, that as an equestrian business one has to have a wide range of skills at one's disposal. I have spent some time attending marketing and website webinars in order to upskill, and I have to say they have really helped the whole process. Especially in the current climate where everything is so digital.

We have had tremendous support for the Clinic with Christoph, and a good bit of support for the Seminar, but to be frank I had thought that there would be more. I know that this time we are unfortunately clashing with the likes of Garth Brooks and judges training in the UK. But...has that really taken a large swathe of our rider's and coaches away for the evening? As I mentioned above, there is a serious financial outlay in running an event like this and if more are to be run, we need the public to show even MORE support. We are happy to bring these amazing coaches and judges in but it requires the rest of the equestrian community to step up and support this venture, for the betterment of our horses, riders and our sport!

Perhaps I am speaking out of my hat...but it is the truth from where I am standing. If I want to go to a seminar I usually have to hop on a plane and fly to the much easier and better if we can have seminars with world class trainers here in Ireland!

Enough of that rant! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone next week and watching Christoph Hess, the Master at work. I have trained with Christoph for some time now and his way with horse and rider is just fantastic! He manages to make each lesson fun but educational. I think his real talent however, is his ability to set up exercises so that the horse 100% understands what is expected and so is able to achieve what the rider is asking in a positive way. Just a reminder we will have teas and coffees available and even the odd biscuit or two! PLEASE do remember to bring your own chair and we will see you there!

I have my own set of Clinics, inhand training, dressage and rider biomechanics, taking place around the country so please do feel free to get in contact to see what might be happening in your area.

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